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4 Top Benefits of a Professional Irrigation System

Grand Forks has some impressive lawns if you’ve driven around town. Total Care Plumbing helped install the irrigation system that’s watering many of them. By getting a professional system, your lawn will look better. Plus, you can even save money.

1. Never Worry About Watering the Lawn Again

For us, cutting back on how many hours we have to spend on chores is always a top priority. Installing a professional system would put a stop to all that time wasted on lawn care. When we’re installing them, we usually set them up on an automated schedule. They’ll water the lawn at the same time each day and turn off on their own.

2. Reduce Your Lawn Care Costs

Watering the lawn by hand tends to use more water than professional irrigation. It’s hard to judge whether there’s water spread evenly everywhere, making mistakes common. Unevenly watered, a parched patch of grass would wilt in the sun.

So, you’d have to pay for grass seed to cover up the dead spot. Plus, you’re probably wasting a lot of the water since it’s done by hand. Professional systems deliver water through a network of pipes, ensuring even coverage. They can reduce the amount of water used on the lawn and lower your utilities.

3. Promote Long-Lasting Plant Life

Watering your lawn gives it what it needs to continue thriving and making your place look great. Hand-watered lawns usually have spots where they haven’t gotten enough water. Wilted by the lack of water, lawns rapidly lose their aesthetic when they’re not well-watered.

A professional irrigation system ensures your plants won’t lose their luster. They have been designed to spray water across the lawn evenly, promoting longer plant lifespans.

4. Reduce Water Waste With Smart Irrigation

Today, it is possible to sync an irrigation system up to a computer via connected devices. For a long time, programmable systems wouldn’t adjust for changes in the weather. They’d continue spraying water on their regular schedule, even in the pouring rain.

Connecting it to a smart device makes it possible to change their schedule on the fly. As soon as the forecast shows a storm on the horizon, it’ll inform it and stop water from being wasted. Not only does this protect the environment, but it also stops plants from drowning.

Your Trustworthy Grand Fork Plumbers

Total Care Plumbing promised to serve the Grand Forks area when we opened long ago. We have kept our commitments by helping residents as far away as Kelley with dedication. Our plumbers are more than happy to tackle your irrigation project. Just dial our number to set up an appointment and get a free quote for the services you need.