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Irrigation Services in Grand Forks, North Dakota

We build, design, and maintain high quality residential and commercial irrigation systems.

New Irrigation Systems: Not all irrigation systems are created equal and since we believe that the true future of irrigation is not only providing top quality, water efficient irrigation systems but also the effective management of your outdoor watering, proper planning and design of your new irrigation system is essential to ensure high quality results.

Did you know a whopping 58% of water usage typically goes towards maintaining yards and landscapes? This little known fact is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about an irrigation system.

Utilizing an automatic irrigation system for your landscape watering allows for proper watering for a variety of plants, efficient landscape watering even when you are away, odd-even watering and, most importantly, no more dragging the garden house around!

At Total Care Plumbing, we consider your wants and needs, and provide you with an affordable, state-of-the-art irrigation system.

We utilize the full coverage theory in all of our designs and allow you to choose from our many options to customize your system. All of our new irrigation systems come with double-check backflow prevention devices to protect your drinking water from irrigation system contaminants. We always go a step beyond and install a valve specifically designed to eliminate all water in your irrigation system for proper winterization.

We also honor the manufacturer’s warranty on all irrigation products and provide you with a compatible workmanship warranty. We offer a low-cost, renewable Annual Maintenance Agreement within the first year following installation.