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Water Treatment
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Top Quality Water Treatment in Grand Forks, ND

Types of water treatment services we provide:

What Is Water Treatment?

Any process that works to improve the quality of water is Water Treatment. The end goal for the improvement in water quality can be for drinking, irrigation, commercial use; anything that involves human or agricultural use. With water being the most important resource on earth, Water Treatment is a very crucial process for most uses.

What is in the water that needs to be removed


Hardness is a term to describe the presence of calcium and magnesium minerals in the water column. You can’t see hardness in water until the water dries and you are left with spots and hard water spots. These spots and rings are the presence of minerals left over. Hardness minerals combine with soap to make a soap curd, the curd greatly reduces the cleaning action of soap. A water softener removes the hardness minerals to eliminate these problems, and others.


Iron in water causes stains on clothing and plumbing fixtures. It negatively affects the taste of food and drinking water. The different types of iron are: Ferrous (clear water), Ferric (red water), Bacterial and organically bound iron. Water may contain one or more types of iron, and we can remove all types. Iron is typically found in rural areas that use well water but can be found in city water as well.


Sediment is fine material particles suspended in the water column. This material is most often clay or silt. Extreme amounts of sediment may give the water a cloudy appearance. A sediment filter is typically the least expensive form of filtration and will remove all forms of sediment in the water.