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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in Grand Forks, ND

For any home owner, a sewer line leak or backup can be very disruptive and messy problem for the whole household. Besides messy cleanup and the unpleasant smell of a sewer line break or back up, it can be challenging for any homeowner in Grand Forks, ND to identify the leading cause of the problem and find an affordable, quality, solution… That’s where Total Care Plumbing comes in.

At Total Care Plumbing, we have experienced and licensed plumbers who can help you solve your sewer line problems without the headaches. Our team is here to provide friendly and affordable sewer cameraing, repair and replacement. We will also work with the homeowner to address any ongoing issues like tree roots so that the sewer line problems wont come right back..

Why Is a Sewer Line Important?

If you have connected your home with a sewer system, then you have a sewer line that closes the gap between the main sewer drain and your home drain. A sewer line system is an underground pipe located often in your yard, and it is part of your plumbing’s drainage system; therefore, it is your mandate to repair and to maintain the sewer line.

The duty of a sewer line is to channel wastewater from sinks, tubs, and toilets away from your home to a private septic tank or to the city’s sewer system. This movement plays a significant role in protecting your family members from risks associated with wastewater and in enhancing your home’s comfort.

Common Sewer Line Problems

Over time, sewer lines tend to break down or age, causing severe damage to your property or home. Furthermore, they may even develop clogs, depending on the types of waste products that go down your drain and your home’s water usage. Toilets are the main culprits of sewer line clogs since they drain wastewater straight into the sewer line. Clogs can result in wastewater backup, leading to water damage and exposing your family members to harmful health risks.

Tree root invasion is another challenge that affects the sewer line system. Once a tree root comes into contact with your sewer pipe, the root tends to wrap around the pipe, resulting in clogging, weakening the pipes, and breaking the pipes and the structure.

Signs of Sewer Line Damage

A foul-smelling or flooded yard with or without soft spots or sinkholes are clear signs of a damaged sewer line system. If you notice the growth of mold in your walls and floors, it can be a sign of moisture damage resulting from sewer line leaks. Other signs that show you need to contact a plumber include weird sounds from your system, wastewater backup, persistent clogs, tree root invasions, and potentially your home’s age.

Sewer Line Services in Grand Forks, ND

If you experience sewer line damage or a sewage leak, the best action is to contact a licensed plumbing company for an inspection. You want to know exactly what you are dealing with before you commit to any work or payments. At Total Care Plumbing, we have different sewer line repair and replacement options to choose from. 

Trenchless sewer line repair is one of the sewer line repair and replacement service options we give our customers in Grand Forks, ND. It is a cost-effective and efficient sewer repair option for homeowners who want to save time and who have structures that prevent dig-up. 

We also have a professional sewer camera technology that helps detect the source of sewer line issues quickly and efficiently. Our plumbers can easily detect leaks and obstructions non-invasively without damaging the pipes and walls of your home by using these gadgets. If the pipe is in bad condition, though, a camera may not be an option.

When it comes to protecting your system with sewer line services in Grand Forks, ND, sewer cleaning is vital since it helps prevent the accumulation of materials that might lead to clogging. During this process, our plumbers use specialized and modernized tools designed to remove clogs from pipes effectively. Call us today for drain cleaning in Grand Forks ND.

Understanding your sewer line system’s basics is imperative, especially if your system needs severe replacement and repair. If you want to learn more about sewer line replacement in Grand Forks, ND, contact us today through an email, a phone number, or an in-person visit to schedule an appointment.