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Trusted and Efficient Radon Mitigation in Grand Forks, ND

Finding out your home has an elevated level of radon can be a frightening experience. While you may be worried about your family, you should know that radon can be mitigated in your house by a qualified professional. We, at Total Care Plumbing, only employ licensed and professional contractors who can help make your residence safer for you and your family. We offer speedy radon testing in Grand Forks, ND and upfront pricing so that your radon problem can be fixed quickly and without breaking your budget.

Radon Gas And Its Effects

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that forms when uranium found in soil, rock, or water breaks down. Radon can enter your home because of a pressure difference between the soil beneath your house and the interior. This functions as a vacuum, drawing this dangerous gas up through the cracks and holes to fill your home. Radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smoking adults. Even counting smokers, it is still the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. While radon can also come from water, it is most dangerous when inhaled since the risk of lung cancer is much higher than the risk of stomach cancer even if your water contains elevated levels of radon. If you have a private well, having your water tested is important when deciding on your radon mitigation strategies.

How Radon Is Mitigated

Radon mitigation can be achieved in a number of ways. The first step is radon testing in Grand Forks, ND. This allows your contractor to know what they will be dealing with. Testing can last from two to 90 days for short-term testing or over 90 days to learn how the levels change over the year. You will either need a single long-term test or an average of at least two short-term tests. After testing to determine your levels and learning where the gas may be entering from, your licensed contractor will examine the structure of your residence to determine what type of system you will need. Make sure you offer any information you have, such as if you have a basement or crawlspace. If your house has a basement or crawlspace under only part of the home, this will change which solution you will need.

For homes with crawlspaces, the most effective solution is to place a thick plastic sheet over the floor of the crawlspace and apply suction underneath it. This submembrane suction will draw the radon gas away from your house and keep it from entering your residence. For properties with basements or slab foundations, the solutions are a bit different. Active sub-slab depressurization will change the pressure so that radon will not leak into your house. This will be combined with other options like sealing to help lower your radon levels to the target you agree on with your contractor.

Depending on your home’s construction, you may have other options. Houses with basements constructed of hollow blocks can have these depressurized to help reduce radon transmission. If you have a sump pump to get rid of basement water, this can also be capped to help reduce radon. Drain tiles or perforated pipes used to redirect water from the foundation can help to reduce the levels of radon as well.

Your licensed contractor will know what to do with your home type. At Total Care Plumbing, we know which systems and solutions will work best based on lessons learned from past projects.

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An experienced, licensed contractor such as those employed by Total Care Plumbing will be able to help you protect your family from dangerous levels of radon gas that can cause serious health risks. We will test your house and create the most effective system for you. Contact us today at (701) 402-6442 and begin the process of making your home a safer, healthier space.