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Hydro Jetting
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What is Hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a form of drain cleaning that uses high pressure water through a hose and a strength nozzle. The hydro jet hose is inserted most commonly inserted through a cleanout usually located at the outside of your home, in certain situations they can be used inside the home as well because a lot of homes do not have outside cleanouts. It is most commonly used is addition to or instead of a traditional cable snake. While conventional cable snakes often work, they typically are short term fixes because the snake doesn’t clean the pipe as well as hydro jetting. Snakes often take the path of least resistance which isn’t the ideal way cleaning your drains and keeping them clean. Hydro jetting uses a high pressure water at 3500 PSI which spins as you move it forward to insure it cleans the entire pipe and even cuts through trees roots which is a major problem in our area. Hydro jetting also reduces stress on your pipes unlike traditional cable snakes which spins around a steal cable and claw which can really tear up your older drain lines.