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New Construction Plumbing Services in the Grand Forks Area

Whether you are in the middle of constructing a whole new building or just adding on to an existing property, you will need a good plumbing system. We here at Total Care Plumbing are here to help. We are a locally owned and operated company proud to serve the Grand Forks, ND area. Our fully trained and licensed plumbers are ready to help you with any plumbing installations in Grand Forks, ND. We believe in offering honest and upfront pricing, so you are never hit with a surprise bill. We can get your plumbing system installed quickly so that construction isn’t delayed.

The Importance of Good Plumbing

When you’re building from scratch or just adding to your existing property, you likely want to save money. While there are plenty of places where you can cut costs, your plumbing system shouldn’t be one of them. The plumbing system will be handling all your drinking, cooking, and bathing water as well as any wastewater. Going too cheap here can result in poor water pressure, sewage problems, and expensive leaks. By installing a good system during construction, you will avoid plumbing problems years down the road. An efficient modern plumbing system will also help you save money during the next few decades that your system should last.

Why Choose a Licensed Company?

Many companies will claim they can handle installing new plumbing installations in Grand Forks, ND, but if they aren’t licensed, you will likely be facing a future headache. Licensed plumbers like the ones we employ at Total Care Plumbing are experts in creating efficient and reliable systems that will meet all the local building code requirements.

A poorly installed plumbing system is a leaky plumbing system. A hidden leak means a future nightmare for a homeowner since hidden water damage can cause a need for expensive repairs. By ensuring that your system is installed right the first time, we save you from a big headache later on. Our plumbers can design and install the system your home will need and ensure the whole project is up to code.

The Installation Process

Plumbing installations in Grand Forks, ND for new construction projects have a number of steps that must be completed. The first step is drawing up a plan and getting your building permit. The plumbing diagram drafted by either one of our plumbers or a qualified contractor shows where all of the pipes, drains, and more will make up your system in a three-dimensional drawing. This is needed before your building can be approved. This is all examined by the inspector to be certain that both your building and the construction are safe. Everything your new system needs will be laid out, including the main stack and all the vents to make sure your drains function properly.

After this, our plumbers will get to work to install the system that has been laid out. The best time for all the major fixtures like tubs, sinks, and toilets to be installed is before the walls and doorways are finished. These plumbing fixtures can be covered up after they are installed to keep them safe until construction is finished. If needed, our company will work with qualified contractors to ensure your new plumbing installation is done correctly the first time. We make sure to only work with contractors who are licensed and responsible, so you don’t need to worry. Contractors can help speed construction or help out with specialized tasks that vary depending on the project.

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When you are looking to have a full home, business, or addition plumbed; you need experienced help from a licensed plumber. We at Total Care Plumbing are fully licensed and locally owned. We offer honest pricing to help keep your project on budget. We also offer speedy service so that you don’t deal with costly delays. If you need plumbing installations in Grand Forks, ND, don’t hesitate. Call us at (701) 402-6442 today, and get your new plumbing project under way.