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5 Advantages of a Custom Irrigation System for Your Yard

When you’re spending time at King’s Walk Golf Course or strolling Ryan Park, it can be easy to envy the lush, green lawns that are present. Although you may have an irrigation system in place on your own property, it can fail to water every part of the grass and make it look as healthy as nearby sites. Here are a few reasons you should consider a custom-designed irrigation system for the lawn on your property.

1. Save Money

Custom irrigation systems are installed by companies like Total Care Plumbing in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The water that is released from the irrigation system will be directed to specific spots in your yard and will not end up on the sidewalk or driveway. This can allow you to use less water and save more money each season.

2. Enjoy a Lush, Green Lawn

Grand Forks, North Dakota is a great place to live because of the cool climate, but it only gets an average of 22 inches of rain each year compared to the national average of 38 inches. This can make it difficult to have a lawn that is lush, green, and healthy. With a custom irrigation system, you have better coverage with the water that is released and can prevent bare spots from developing over time. The plants and flowers present can also be watered properly to ensure they thrive.

3. Save Time

A custom irrigation system offers a high level of convenience because it allows you to save time when it comes to maintaining your lawn. You no longer have to spend time during the week watering it and can instead rely on your irrigation system to do all the work.

4. Reduce Your Energy Usage

You will also reduce your energy usage once your irrigation system is installed because you will only use the amount of energy that you need to water the grass. This can reduce your carbon footprint and also lead to extra savings, especially from early spring to the end of summer.

5. Utilize Various Upgrades

Compared to standard irrigation systems, custom irrigation systems come with unique features that can deliver better results. While working with a professional company, you can choose to add components with taller pop-up spray heads, which can reduce the frequency of when the lawn needs to be mowed. Fertilizer injection systems are also useful for applying weed killers, fertilizers, and bug killers for increased functionality and versatility.

Reach out to the professional plumbers at Total Care Plumbing to learn more about custom irrigation systems and their various price points to ensure they fit within your budget. Our team is committed to answering your questions and can help you schedule an appointment to discuss the irrigation system you want to design.