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5 Surprising Pipe Cleaning Facts

Maintaining clean pipes is critical for making certain that plumbing systems function optimally. This keeps blockages at bay, which will help to avoid costly repairs. While keeping your pipes clean may seem like a simple matter, there’s more to it than you might think. Here are five surprising pipe cleaning facts.

1. Hard Water Impacts Pipes

One surprising fact is that hard water can clog pipes. Hard water contains elevated levels of magnesium and calcium, which can accumulate and restrict waterflow over time. Copious amounts of these minerals can also corrode pipes as well as plumbing fixtures, which will lead to leaks and shorten their lifespans. If you have hard water, installing a water softener will reduce the chances of your plumbing being impacted by mineral buildup.

2. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Homeowners often use chemical drain cleaners to remove clogs. They are easily accessible because they can be found in practically any supermarket or drugstore. What few people realize is that these drain cleaners are highly caustic and can have a devastating impact on plumbing. Over time, they can corrode pipes and lead to them failing entirely. If you have a clog, use a drain snake or an enzyme-based cleaner, as these can eliminate clogs without ruining your pipes. If neither of these tips works, call a professional plumber for drain cleaning services.

3. Tree Roots and Sewer Lines Don’t Mix

Tree roots are naturally drawn to sewer lines because they provide moisture and nutrients. Roots can penetrate pipe joints or small cracks and lead to blockages and severe damage. If root intrusion is left unchecked, repairs will be costly. In severe cases, you might need to replace your sewer line entirely. Regular inspections and installing root barriers can be instrumental in preventing these issues.

4. Grease Can Cause So Much Damage

You know you should never pour grease down the drain; however, the reason may surprise you. Once grease cools, it will not merely flow away from your home and into the sewers. Instead, it will congeal and create a sticky substance that allows other debris to adhere to the sides of your pipes and quickly create blockages. Always wait for the grease to cool, and then pour it into the trash.

5. Vent Pipes Also Need Attention

When most think of plumbing, vent pipes are not what comes to mind; however, these are just as important as any other part of your plumbing system. These pipes are in the roof, and they allow air to make its way into your plumbing system to enhance water flow. If vent pipes become clogged with debris, such as leaves and twigs, the flow through your drains will slow. Pressure will also build up inside the system and cause considerable damage. Check the vents regularly, and remove debris.

Knowing these surprising facts can help you maintain your home plumbing more effectively. If you need to give the plumbing in your Grand Forks, ND home some TLC with drain cleaning services, call our team at Total Care Plumbing.