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5 Tips To Help Eliminate Toilet Clogs

Nothing is worse than standing over a toilet and watching the water in the bowl creep closer to the rim rather than flushing. You stand awe-struck as the water rises, just hoping that it will magically begin to flush away. Unfortunately, that is not what happens, and you know that you are dealing with a tough clog. Hopefully, a little time plunging will do the trick, but you will need to call in a professional plumber if not. If only you had known the five ways to avoid these annoying and often costly toilet clog tips.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

More is not always better. In the case of toilet paper, a small amount will get the job done without clogging your toilet. A large handful of TP turns into a nasty wad when it gets wet instead of beginning to disintegrate. Use an appropriate amount of TP. And if you need more, flush first, then grab for a few more sheets of this fantastic product.

Truth In Advertising?

The label might say flushable wipes, but your licensed plumber will tell you the truth about these thick and not-so-water-soluble wipes. Unlike toilet paper that begins to break down seconds after hitting the water, wet wipes require much more time to start the process. When you flush, the full sheets of thick paper are trying to wind their way through the floor drain under your toilet and down the drain lines. But in most cases, they get stuck along the way, and you end up calling in a plumber. Stick to TP to avoid costly toilet clogs.

Hair Balls Are Hazardous

Hairballs are not just an issue for your beloved pet. Hairballs flushed down the toilet create some of the worst clogs you will ever encounter. The water turns the air into a soggy, sticky mess that gets stuck in the residue inside your home’s drain lines. Then the hair acts as a net to snare other debris that should be flowing through the drains and out of your home. Toss hair in the trashcan to avoid a messy flood.

Use The Trashcan

Many people are guilty of tossing bits of trash, paper, cotton balls, tissues, and other rubbish into the toilet. It is just so easy to do. But in most cases, the trashcan is just a step or two away. And if you place those items in the proper place, you will not be dialing a plumber in the middle of the night to deal with a flood of raw sewage flooding up from your toilet.

Close The Lid

Most people don’t think about the handy features of a toilet lid. It is the best way to prevent germs and contamination when flushing. And it is the ideal tool to keep objects from accidentally falling into the toilet bowl. A toothbrush, hair scrunchy, or cotton ball is sure to add to the pipe clogging gunk in your drain lines. But when the lid is closed, these items cannot make their way into your toilet bowl. And a closed lid eliminates the fun for small children who love to make things float and then disappear.

Dealing With Tough Clogs

When you face a tough toilet clog, the best choice is to call in the pros immediately. Dial (701) 402-6442 for assistance from the team at Total Care Plumbing. Our experts are here 24/7 to eliminate clogs, repair leaks, and get any plumbing emergency under control quickly and cost-effectively, putting an end to your stress. And every job we complete is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee and full warranty.