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5 Tips to Preparing Your Plumbing System for a Gathering

When you’re not hanging out with your friends at the Grape Mill Vineyard & Winery or the Downtown Grand Forks Historic District, you can spend time together at your home. If you plan to have people over, it’s important to prepare your plumbing system to ensure it operates smoothly and doesn’t develop any issues as it’s more in use. Here are a few ways to prep your plumbing system before you have a large gathering on your property in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

1. Remove Items in the Bathroom

It can be possible for your guests to flush different types of items down the toilet or into the drain, which can lead to clogs. Remove items from the bathroom that don’t dissolve easily. This includes sanitary products, flushable wipes, and paper towels. Keep a trash can near the toilet to encourage your guests to toss products into the waste bin. You can also keep a plunger next to the toilet.

2. Avoid Using the Garbage Disposal

When you’re hosting a large group of people, there is likely food that will be served and discarded. Avoid tossing everything down the garbage disposal, which can quickly lead to clogs. Scrape all of the food off the plates into the trash can to avoid issues. It’s also important to avoid putting grease down the drain because it can harden and form clogs once it cools.

3. Know Where the Shutoff Valves are Located

If a pipe bursts or floods occur, it’s important to know where the water shutoff valves are located to avoid severe water damage. Practice turning them on and off to ensure you can act quickly if a plumbing issue occurs. It’s also important to have the number of a professional plumber from a company like Total Care Plumbing in Grand Forks to ensure they can provide you with their services if your plumbing system has clogs or becomes damaged.

4. Use Drain Catchers

Drain catchers are useful for catching hair and small particles and materials that can clog your pipes. Using them in the bathrooms and kitchen of your home can prevent the wrong items from going down the drain when other people are visiting.

5. Adjust the Temperature on the Hot Water Heater

Turning up your hot water temperature can allow your guests to have more than enough warm water when they’re washing their hands or need to bathe. Avoid exceeding 120 degrees when turning up the temperature to prevent it from burning anyone. If you notice your hot water runs out quicker than normal, hire a professional to perform the necessary water heater repairs.

If you want to learn more about how to prep your plumbing system, reach out to the pros at Total Care Plumbing in Grand Forks. Our team can answer your questions and assist you with your plumbing needs.