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Creative Ways to Unclog Household Drains

Drain clogs occur for various reasons, from too much grease and regular buildup of debris to poor maintenance and flushing products not meant to be flushed. Below, we go over some of the more creative ways to prevent drains from clogging.

Use Mesh Drain Covers

Mesh drain covers prevent larger debris from getting into your drains. Use covers of this nature for sinks and showers. Drain covers can also be used to prevent storm drain clogs outside of your home. Choose covers appropriately sized for each drain in your home.

Even if your sink already has a stopper, it doesn’t always catch all debris. Replace it with a mesh drain cover instead, and keep the stopper for times when you need to hold water in your sink.

Use Vinegar or Baking Soda

These ingredients can be mixed with water to improve drain flow and prevent drain odors. Simply pour the mixture down your drains once a month. With vinegar, use a cup of regular household vinegar and mix it with water. With baking soda, use half a cup and mix it with water. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes or so in your drains before rinsing with water.

Place Wastebaskets Near Drains

Make it easy to discard items that would otherwise end up in drains. Place wastebaskets by drains in busy places like kitchens and bathrooms. Get creative and place friendly reminder signs near your wastebaskets, such as “Please use me, that’s what I’m here for.”

Consider Using a Water Softener

Mineral-heavy water allows mineral deposits to accumulate over time. If you have this type of water in your home, consider using a water softener. Doing so minimizes issues with more serious drain clogs that develop over time.

Use Separate Cans for Grease and Cooking Oils

Keep grease out of your drains with a can specifically set aside for grease. Do the same things with cooking oils or anything else of this nature that shouldn’t be placed down drains. Get creative and decorate the cans and clearly label them so they can be disposed of properly. This can be even more enjoyable if you have children.

Use Hot Water to Clean Disposals and Drains

Use hot, but not scolding, water for this purpose. What you’re doing here is using the cleaning power of hot water, which can be heated up on your stove to the boiling point, to keep garbage disposals and drains in your kitchen clean. Mix the hot water with dish detergent for added cleaning power.

Even with preventative steps and regular drain cleaning, you may run into the occasional drain clog that resists your best efforts. When that happens, it’s time to reach out to a professional plumber. Contact Total Care Plumbing in Grand Forks, ND for more information on our full range of plumbing services, including drain cleaning.