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Figuring Out What Is Ailing Your Kitchen Sink

Most households rely on their kitchen sink at all hours of the day and night. It gets called into duty first thing in the morning for coffee or breakfast and meets your needs until the last evening snack is completed. So when you are experiencing issues with this much used and ever so essential fixture, life can get complicated. But for any issue other than a massive pile of dirty dishes, your favorite plumber is sure to have a cost-effective and plumbing-safe solution.

A Slow to Clear Sink Drain

If you have a traditional kitchen sink with no garbage disposal, you could be able to handle a minor kitchen sink clog with a few items from the pantry and a flat plunger. The culprit is typically grease and sticky residue buildup inside the drain line. That gunk traps tiny food particles and creates a drain clog.

As soon as you notice any water backing up in the sink, it is time to take action. First, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the bubble do their scrubbing for about five minutes, then flush with hot water for a few minutes to wash away the residue and goop. If the clog persists, try a little gentle plunging to encourage the clog to dislodge.

If you have a garbage disposal, the bubbles and hot water will not get the job done. And neither is any chemical drain cleaner.  The best way to handle a slow to clear or clogged kitchen drain with a garbage disposal is to call a licensed plumber. A professional drain cleaning will eliminate the clog and any residue in all the drain lines in your home.

Low Water Pressure

If you have found that your kitchen sink’s water pressure is dwindling, there could be many issues to blame. First, turn off the kitchen faucet and check the pressure at other faucets in the house. If all of them appear a little lackluster, the issue is not just at the kitchen sink. In the case of low pressure throughout your home, the problem could be a failing pressure regulator on your water supply line, a leak, or corrosion that has restricted the flow of water into your home. You will need the help of a licensed plumber to discover the cause of the low water pressure and correct it.

That Annoying Drip

Hearing a few drips when you turn off the water is not a huge issue. But if that drip is a constant and annoying feature of your kitchen, it is time for a repair or replacement. A facet dripping ten times each minute will waste around a gallon and a half of water a day or over 500 gallons a year. But even more critical is the amount of damage it could lead to.

A loose-fitting can cause a leak under your sink or even from the faucet. Check for any loose connections or moist fittings under the sink. If a slight turn with a wrench eliminates the dripping, take the victory and know you squashed that annoying drip. However, if you cannot locate a simple cause for the drip, a call to your plumber is the best solution. Remember, a small repair also has a small price tag. Don’t wait until the tiny problem becomes a significant flood with a hefty repair cost.

Call (701) 402-6442 to schedule an appointment with the licensed plumbers at Total Care Plumbing. Our crew will locate the issue quickly and provide you with a price quote to repair your kitchen sink immediately.