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Getting To The Root Of Your Sewer Line Issues

Homeowners in the area know that lovely trees offer excellent curb appeal and increase the value of their property. And when planted in strategic locations, shade trees can even assist in reducing your heating and cooling cost. But what many property owners do not know is that trees planted near their home’s sewer line can create some very messy and costly problems.

Tree roots are very opportunistic and will grow toward a water source, including your home’s only sewer line. And when that happens, you will need the services of a licensed plumber to repair or replace the damaged sewer line. Unfortunately, you will not know about this problem until sewage is leaking into your yard or backing up into your home. However, with a bit of planning, all of this nasty mess and the costly repairs can be avoided.

The Most Invasive Trees To Avoid

It is essential to understand that not all trees are harmful. In fact, no trees are bad; some are just placed in the wrong locations. But by knowing which species and varieties of trees have the most invasive and aggressive root systems, you can avoid locating any of them near your home’s sewer line. The list includes:

  • Willows
  • Sycamores
  • Oaks
  • Figs
  • Maples
  • Aspens
  • Elms
  • Birch

If any of these trees are on your must-have list, ask your landscape professional to work with you to locate them as far away from your sewer line as possible. When considering the spacing, imagine a mirror image of the full-grown tree existing underground. The root system is often equally as large as the canopy of the branches.

Trees With Less Invasive Root Systems

While you never want to plant a tree directly over your home’s sewer line, there are many safe options that you can plant in the vicinity of the pipe without concern for tree root damage. The list includes:

  • Mediterranean Fan Palms
  • Assorted Fruit Verities
  • Some Cypress And Cedar Varieties
  • Wafer Ash
  • Sabal Palmettos
  • Magnolias

Signs Of A Tree Root Invasion

It can be hard to know when there is damage to your home’s sewer line because it is all buried in the ground. But in the case of a tree root invasion, the issue offers many indications that you need to call in a licensed plumber for a camera inspection of the pipe. Some of the most noticeable signs include:

  • Frequent clogs in tubs, toilets, and sinks
  • Frequent toilet plunging
  • Gurgling or other odd sounds coming from drains
  • Water that partially backs up or is slow to drain from tubs and sinks
  • Unexplained moist areas in your yard
  • A foul odor near wet areas in the yard
  • A section of grass that grows much more rapidly and vigorously than the rest of the yard
  • Pest infestation near the moist area in your yard

When you notice any of these issues, calling (701) 402-6442 is the best option for a fast and affordable solution. The licensed plumbers at Total Care Plumbing have years of experience and expertise in locating and correcting sewer line issues. In many cases, our pros can use a trenchless repair or pipe replacement process to reduce the destruction of your yard and keep the cost affordable.

No matter what our team discovers, from a tree root invasion to a shattered sewer line, we will offer you many repair options to meet your needs and budget. And all solutions that we offer come backed by our complete warranty and our industry-best customer satisfaction guarantee. We even provide 24/7 emergency service if the blockage is causing a raw sewage backup in your home.