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A glass of drinking water and filter cartridges to domestic water treatment systems

How Water Treatment and Septic Systems Help You Save Money

From reverse osmosis to purification, there are numerous water treatments that are designed to remove contaminants from water and make sure it’s drinkable. With a septic system, you can treat the wastewater in your home before it becomes groundwater. Along with the environmental and health benefits that occur when you treat water, routine water treatment can also help you save money.

Appliances and Pipes Last Longer

When you treat the water that gets sent to your home, your appliances and pipes should last longer. If the water isn’t treated, hard minerals will accumulate in the liquid, which leads to the development of scale. If you don’t tend to the scale quickly, it can create water flow problems and worsen your water heater’s efficiency. In the event that your appliances or pipes malfunction sooner than you anticipated, you’ll need to spend a lot of money to replace them. Less efficient systems also result in higher water consumption, which means that your water bills will go up.

Use Less Water Every Year

If you’ve installed a septic system, you should be able to reduce the amount of water you use every year. When you use too much water, septic systems can become overfilled or require pumping. You can prevent this issue by using less water, which will save you money and help the environment.

Eliminate Monthly Sewage Costs

If your home is currently connected to the municipal sewage system, you’ll be tasked with making monthly payments. In comparison, owning a septic system means that you don’t need to pay monthly fees. While there are some maintenance costs, they should be far lower than what you would pay to the city.

Products Perform Better

When you filter the water that enters your faucets, substances like calcium and magnesium are removed. Once these minerals are removed, you should have a fresh supply of softened water.

Keep in mind that detergents and soaps work better in soft water. For example, you won’t need to use as much detergent when doing a load of laundry in soft water. Hard water minerals , on the other hand, become attached to soaps and create a thick texture that can make your clothing scratchy. Softening the water in your home means that you can save money by purchasing less detergent.

Cheaper Than Alternatives

Septic systems are more affordable to install when compared to city sewage pipes. Sewage pipes are installed by the city, which means that you’ll need to wait for them to complete the project on their timeline. Septic system installations take a fraction of the time, which will save you money.

Routine water treatment makes it easier to filter out allergens, bacteria, viruses, organic compounds, and other contaminants. Whether you purchase a reverse osmosis system for your home or choose to have a septic system installed, you can benefit greatly from treating your water. At Total Care Plumbing, we offer comprehensive water treatment services for Grand Forks, ND homeowners.