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Reasons to Include Drain Cleanings as a Part of Plumbing Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about the plumbing in your house until there’s a leak. The inability to use the sink or flush the toilet is inconvenient for many homeowners. Moreover, leaks can be a lot worse than having to wait until the pipes get fixed for things to go back to normal. Leaks can do significant damage to your property and encourage mold growth in your home. Then, property damage and mold growth can lead to expensive repair bills and health problems. However, incorporating professional drain cleaning into your home maintenance plan can prevent all of that.

Benefits of a Drain Cleaning

Three main benefits of drain cleaning are:

  • Clog prevention
  • Leak prevention
  • Prevention of burst pipes

Food, grease, hair, and minerals, among other things, build up in pipes over time. There are also those items that accidentally go down the drain and cause additional damage to the plumbing. After a while, this buildup causes clogs and weakens the pipes. This means the pipes have to force water through clogged areas. At some point, the pipe will simply burst.

Costs Associated with Burst Pipes

Burst pipes seem to happen suddenly, without any prior warning. Furthermore, they cause property damage. You are then stuck with a costly repair bill and the inconvenience of going without vitally important plumbing. In some cases, repairs cost more than a thousand dollars and take more than one week to fix.

Other Reasons to Include Drain Cleanings in Your Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Leaks, burst pipes, and the damage they cause are a pain to deal with, especially when they can all be avoided with drain cleanings.

Drain cleanings stop the clogs that weaken the pipes. This will keep them working efficiently and increase their overall lifespan.
Drain cleanings prevent mold growth, too. Mold grows in warm, damp environments. This means that when water can’t go anywhere, it creates a breeding ground for growth in your pipes. Mold is not only an unwelcome visitor in your house, it’s also unhealthy.

Plus, drain cleanings get rid of bad odors. Buildup in the pipes causes odors that can’t be masked with air fresheners or candles. The odors will only go away when the buildup is gone.

Add Drain Cleaning to Your To-Do List

Don’t wait until there is a problem. Save yourself the hassle of having to deal with a burst pipe later on with a drain cleaning, and call us today at Total Care Plumbing in Grand Forks, ND. Our experienced plumbers will get the job done quickly and keep your pipes running smoothly for years.