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Spring Into Action: Unblock Your Home’s Flow With These Drain Cleaning Tips

Like most people, you cannot wait for spring to arrive. Every year when the ice starts to melt and the grass turns green again, it signals the start of a new season. It also signals to homeowners to begin completing some spring cleaning tasks. One task that is often overlooked is cleaning drains and clearing clogs throughout a house. The following are some top tips for keeping your drains clean and clear

Clean Your Stopper

Inspect your stopper and make sure that it is clean. If you have a metal stopper, put some WD-40 on it to ensure it operates smoothly. If it is plastic, you can use a little bleach or vinegar to remove any buildup. Ensure that no hair, toys, or other solid waste is blocking the discharge hole.

Change Your Filters

If you are like most people, your kitchen and bath drains will become clogged with hair, soap scum, and other debris over time. One of the best ways to clean drains is to change the filters. Always remember to install the new filters upright and ensure they are centered in the drain. Be sure to monitor your drains, as dirt and debris can gather quickly.

Avoid Chemical Pipe Cleaners

Most chemical cleaners work to dissolve buildup and soap scum, which is excellent. However, they can also damage pipes, creating a bigger problem. To avoid this, stick with an enzymatic cleaner. These cleaners smell great and give your pipes a clean, fresh scent.

Inspect Your Toilet

If you are frequently experiencing clogs in your bathroom, then there may be an issue with your toilet. Check for any cracks or chips in your toilet. If you discover any problems, call a plumber to take a closer look.

Check for Leaks

Along with checking your toilet, you should also inspect your sink and shower for leaks. The first place to look is behind the faucets. Next, go over the cabinets for any signs of leaking. While leaks waste water and drain your wallet, they also indicate that a severe plumbing issue such as a clog may be present. If there is a leak, turn off the water immediately and call a plumber to fix it.

Keep Your Home Organized

Keep an organized, clutter-free house to avoid clogs. Never let your kitchen sink become a dumping ground for dirty pots and pans, as food and grease buildup can quickly clog your drains.

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