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The Priceless Benefits Of A Sewer Inspection

Most Grand Forks homeowners give little or no thought to their home’s sewer line until there is an issue. But, unfortunately, by that time, it is often too late. The damage has been done, and you are dealing with a flood of raw sewage. That awful smelling mess is in your yard, home, or both. However, it all could have been avoided with a simple and very affordable sewer line inspection from the experts at Total Care Plumbing.

An Ounce Of Prevention

Taking a proactive approach to monitoring and managing the health of your sewer line is a sage approach. That single inspection each year is very cost-effective insurance to avoid the raw sewage contamination that can result from a clog, partial blockage, or damage to your home’s only sewer line. Fortunately, the tiny camera that our licensed plumber will deploy into the sewer line can help our experts identify all types of issues. And then, we provide you with cost-effective solutions that will avoid the costly and upsetting mess that comes with a sewer line backup. Think of this as the once-a-year check-up to ensure that your sewer line is healthy and ready to do its job for the coming year.

Protect Your New Home

Sadly, you never know how well previous owners maintained a house or the sewer line. And there is nothing worse than discovering a sewer line clog or damage after moving into your new home. The flood of dirty water and human waste can damage your belongings, flooring and fill the house with a very unwelcome odor.

Instead of betting your new home and happiness on someone else’s care and attention to household maintenance, call (701) 402-6442 to schedule a simple sewer line inspection. Our experts will arrive promptly and provide you with a reliable evaluation of the health of your drain and sewer lines. If we locate any issues, we will also provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote for any service that we recommend.

Your House Is Crying Out For Help

Have you discovered that all of the drains in your home appear to be clearing just a bit slower than they once did? Are sinks and the tubs holding water when you rinse dishes or stand in the shower? These are annoying for sure, but they also have added meaning. When all the drains in your home are slow to clear, there is a good possibility that you have a sewer line clog or blockage forming.

A single slow sink or tub is a sure sign of a drain clog. But when the entire house suffers from slow clearing drains, the issue is deeper in the drainage system. All your home’s drain lines converge into one sewer line that carries the dirty water and waste to the city sewer system. And when all the drains have become slow, the issue is almost always in the sewer line. So your home is trying to tell you to call (701) 402-6442 and schedule a sewer line inspection with the experts at Total Care Plumbing.

A Nasty Odor And Wet Area In The Yard

Finally, if you discover an area of your yard that is soggy and stinky, it is likely a leaking sewer line that is to blame. Bugs and even rodents will be attracted to the foul odor and moisture when there is a sewage leak. So, at the first sign of bugs hanging out in a moist area in your yard, call in the sewer line experts at Total Care Plumbing for a sewer line inspection. Our team will identify any damage and provide you with repair solutions to meet your needs and budget.