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Top Signs There Are Plumbing Issues Present in Your Office

When you spend all day at your office, the plumbing system is likely in constant use by multiple people in the workplace, which can lead to wear and tear. Unfortunately, plumbing issues can quickly develop and go undetected. As you use the toilets in the bathrooms and sink in the breakroom, there are a few common signs to look for to determine if your office in Grand Forks, ND has plumbing problems.

Unusual Odors

You may notice unusual odors that develop and start to linger from the drains and pipes. This issue is problematic because it can make it challenging to remain focused and productive in the workplace. It can also drive your customers away. In most cases, unusual odors are due to old pipes. Clogs that frequently develop are another cause of this type of issue and require the attention of a plumber from Total Care Plumbing.

Water Temperature Issues

There are a significant number of commercial buildings in Grand Folks due to the variety of trade and processing centers present. Issues with the water temperature are common in these types of commercial buildings because the hot water heaters are larger and more complex than standard water heaters. The heaters are also prone to deteriorating quicker because of how hard they work to heat the water in the tank, leading to more frequent repairs over time. A professional can diagnose the issue to determine if the insulation or thermostat needs to be repaired.


Commercial plumbing is often plagued by leaks, which are often present around toilets, faucets, and pipes. Unfortunately, the problem can quickly escalate once mildew and mold start to develop. This can put employees’ health at risk while spending time in the building. If the leaks aren’t quickly repaired, they can become expensive to fix once they’re addressed. Any mold exposure in the building can also be a liability and require temporarily closing your doors.

Clogs in the Drains

Clogs are a lot more common in commercial buildings compared to residential properties because of how much waste is discarded and flushed down the drains each day. Many people are a lot more careless with what they toss out in the workplace compared to when they’re spending time at home, which can lead to sinks and toilets becoming backed up. A professional plumber has the necessary tools and equipment to dislodge the clog without causing any damage to the pipes.

Contact our team of professionals today to learn additional signs that your office has plumbing issues that have developed. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and explain the different services we offer to maintain the function of your office’s plumbing system.