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Sink Pipe Water Leak

What Are Some Common Plumbing Emergencies?

The way plumbing works is fairly simple, but it seems like the system is subject to breakdowns like no other appliance in the house. Many of these problems should be fixed right away for your safety and peace of mind.

An Overflowing Toilet Bowl

Given the prospect of flooding not just your bathroom but other areas in your home, an overflowing toilet is a true emergency. Whether the cause turns out to be simple or complex, the best course of action is to find the cutoff valve, turn it off, and call a licensed plumber.

Pipes That Leak, Burst, or Freeze

Leaking plumbing pipes may not seem like an emergency if they are dripping very slowly, but they need to be remedied as soon as possible. Even a slow leaking pipe can raise your water bills substantially, and if the leak is in a floor cabinet or behind a wall, it can damage your home in shocking and expensive ways.

A pipe that bursts causes an immediate flood in the area around it and may lose so much water that your fixtures can’t work. Pipes that are frozen also stop the flow of water. Since water expands when it freezes, frozen pipes are in danger of bursting.

Sump Pump Fails to Work

Your sump pump works to keep your basement from flooding during a heavy storm. The good news is that because the sump pump is needed only occasionally, you can have it repaired or replaced before a storm. Signs that something is wrong include a sump pump that keeps running, runs irregularly, or makes weird noises.

Water Pressure Is Too Low

You may think you can live with low water pressure, but the reasons behind it may constitute a real emergency. They include clogged pipes, problems with the fixture, a partially closed valve, or a malfunctioning pressure regulator. If you get your water from a municipal water company, the problem may be a sudden high demand for water or something wrong with the main line to your home. Whatever it is, sudden low water pressure should be treated as an emergency.

There’s No Hot Water

This is most likely caused by a problem with your water heater, so a lack of hot water should be treated as an emergency. Call a plumber if you hear cracking or popping sounds from your water heater or if you notice that your heater is leaking.

There’s No Water at All

You’ll need emergency plumbing service if you turn on your faucets and nothing comes out. The reason could be anything from a break in the main water line to a burst freshwater line.

The Gas Line Leaks

If you ever smell gas in your home, get out of the house, and call your utility company. Other signs of a gas leak are a hissing sound around the gas line and flames from your stove burners that are orange instead of blue. Again, get out of the house and call for emergency service.

Call Our Professionals for Plumbing Emergencies

Your plumbing system is subject to all sorts of problems, but it’s important that you call for help if you have a true emergency. If you experience any of these emergency plumbing issues, get in touch with our professional plumbers right away at Total Care Plumbing of Grand Forks, North Dakota.