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Why Homeowners Love Tankless Water Heaters

If you are shopping for a new water heater for your Grand Forks home, the term tankless is sure to have hit your radar. Many consumers view this as a new option and are eager to learn more. However, it is crucial to understand that these units have been serving homes across the country for decades. And as a result, you can feel very confident in their reliability and longevity. So rather than seeing it as a new and risky option, give these tankless water heaters credit for years of success and know that they are growing in popularity, but far from a new concept. And you can believe all the words of praise you hear about these very energy-efficient options to provide your home’s hot water.

What Is Tankless Water Heating?

If you have heard of the term on-demand water heating, then you actually do know about tankless water heaters. They are the same. The tankless unit simply heats your water on-demand rather than using a holding tank to maintain a tank of hot water. Instead, the system heats your water as it flows through the water lines to the shower or sink with an open hot water valve. And while this is a unique process, it delivers many benefits to homeowners, including exceptional energy conservation.

How Tankless Units Make Hot Water With A Fraction Of The Energy Of Traditional Water Heaters

We are all familiar with the traditional water heater that maintains a large holding tank of hot water at all times. It seems like a great idea, but it has some limitations. The first drawback is that your hot water supply is limited to the size of the holding tank. Once that hot water is consumed, you must wait for the unit to heat another tank.

But the more concerning drawback is the massive amount of energy that old-style water heaters use. They are often the second-largest consumer of power in the typical household, behind HVAC equipment. And the majority of that energy is used to keep the holding tank of water hot 24/7.

The substantial energy savings of a tankless water heater is thanks to the lack of a holding tank. These units only heat water when it is needed. Therefore, there is no energy consumed by a tankless water heater unless you are using hot water. That simple change eliminates all the wasted energy that a traditional water heater is sipping day and night.  

Consumers Favorite Tankless Water Heater Benefits

The list of perks is long when you are evaluating tankless water heating. However, some of the most appreciated benefits of these innovative units include:

  • Unlimited Hot Water – The unit will heat water as long as the tap is open, so no more cold showers.
  • Extreme Energy Efficiency – Because the water heater only heats water as needed, there is a significant decrease in the amount of energy you will use for hot water. And that energy savings will translate to a reduction in your energy bill and more money in your pocket.
  • Compact Size – Tankless water heaters are very compact compared to tank-style water heaters. This allows you to install them under a sink, in a closet, or even on a shelf in a utility area, making access and service simple.
  • No Tank Leaks – Homeowners are always concerned about leaking water heater tanks that cause costly water damage. A tankless water heater eliminates that possibility.

To get a free price quote for a fully warrantied tankless water heater installation, call (701) 402-6442. The licensed plumbers at Total Care Plumbing will answer your questions and help you select the ideal tankless water heater for your home.