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Why Prioritize Plumbing Maintenance This Fall?

Whether you are ready for it or not, the cold weather is fast approaching. Before winter brings on freezing temperatures, you should make plumbing maintenance a priority while the weather is still mild. This makes the autumn season a perfect time for plumbing maintenance. Here are some reasons why plumbing maintenance should be a top priority this fall.

Your Plumbing Gets More Use When the Weather Cools

The arrival of colder weather brings gatherings with friends and family. Everyone also remains indoors more to keep cozy. As a result, the plumbing gets far more use than during the warmer months. To ensure your plumbing can meet these strenuous demands, you should have a professional plumber perform fall maintenance so no failures result during the winter when you have family and friends visiting you.

Minimize Risks Related to Cold Weather

To get your plumbing system ready for winter, there are various tasks that ought to be performed. You can handle some of them on your own, and others should be done by a qualified plumber. Check that the valves for outside faucets are shut off, thoroughly drain water from all outside spickets, and remove the hoses. Consider providing more insulation for your pipes and hot water heater.

It is no secret that cold weather has a negative impact on plumbing systems. Pipes are at high risk of freezing and bursting from trapped water that is the result of clogs. If you have grease and food particles in your pipes from cooking, these can also solidify because of the cold and create backups. That can cause your pipes to freeze and burst. Damage can run into thousands of dollars, and repairs can take weeks. While the weather is still mild, you should have your plumbing thoroughly inspected and cleaned.

During a plumbing inspection, the plumber will check to see if there are problems with your system that can turn catastrophic. Your professional will advise you of them so you can collaborate to fix these issues before the winter weather hits. Additionally, they will check for clogs and remove them.

If you want to make sure your plumbing is ready for winter in order to protect your Grand Forks, ND home from water-related property damage that results from freezing and bursting pipes, contact Total Care Plumbing for our top-notch plumbing services. We’ll use state-of-the-art technology to thoroughly inspect your system, and we will work with you to quickly solve any problems we find and keep your plumbing system in optimal health. Our company is locally owned and operated, and we provide up-front and honest pricing for all our services.